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The superstitions of Patriots fans

The "jersey rule" in affect last year at FedEx Field.

The “jersey rule” in affect last year at FedEx Field.

If anyone has watched a second of the NFL in 2012-13, they will have now have seen the Bud Light “superstition” commercial approximately 7364.5 times over the past four months, with the half coming when they quickly changed the channel after realizing what commercial was on the television. My roommate Ryan, who is a big music fan, even said of the advertisements “I no longer like this song, and it is a great song”. Like any commercial for a product that endorses the NFL, it has been drilled into our head to the point where I no longer wish to purchase Bud Light at my nearest liquor or grocery store.

(Total lie by the way)

The commercials do bring up a good point. Most everyone who is a fan of a sports-team has some kind of superstition that they feel they need to follow or else they feel as if they are messing with the sports-gods. For example, my friend Sully and I have a jersey rule for the Patriots. Basically, once the Patriots lose a game with someone wearing a certain jersey, that jersey is retired for the rest of the season. At this point in the season, I am wearing my Welker jersey and he is wearing my Tom Brady jersey. We have gone through his Brady and Gronk jersey and my McGinest and Grogan jersey. This thing works okay.

It got me thinking about what other people’s superstitions might be. That’s why I took the question to the friendliest bunch of people on the internet, Reddit, and asked the question “Do you have any weird or funny superstitions for Patriots games?” The results were fantastic. Below are some of my favorites and some commentary.

From Calvin_v_Hobbes

No “snacking”, in the sense of casual snacking throughout the game. Instead, I assemble all the foods I consider snack-worthy beforehand; upon kickoff, I devour them straight through without stopping. This helps the team get off to a fast start, which is a fine payoff for the small price of pissing off anyone else who might be watching the game with me.

I feel awful for whoever is forced to watch football games with him. All the food is gone before the kick-off. At leas the beer is there, I think. If it isn’t, I’m surprised he has remembered a single Patriots game over the years.

I don’t question the integrity of the next one, but I wonder what happens if rushesh gets a new television.

TV Volume has to be at 28 all game, every game. strict rule.

The best part about this one is there is only one possible way this superstition started. The Patriots were losing a game, someone asked to turn it down so they didn’t have to listen to it anymore and the Patriots came back and won the football game. They checked the volume and determined that was the Patriots magic number. Never again was the number 28 to be questioned. Then again, after Corey Dillon, I do not know a single Patriots fan who did question the number 28. In my head, it’s retired.

This one comes from ekjohnson9, who also wins the reward for best thread in the entire Reddit thread.


After that it only gets better. The next person asks if nachos would be okay as he can put the chili on top of the nachos and create chili nachos. While I highly recommend them, especially considering Mrs. Sullivan makes delicious chili for mine and Sully’s weekly “Yell at the television” meeting, ekjohnson was having none of it.


I approved. A superstition inside a comment about his superstition inside a thread about superstitions on Reddit? That is some inception style shit right there I’ll tell you what. I suggest you read the rest of the thread. Just remember Old Bay is delicious.

Spartan32393 has a difficult time living up to his superstition.

I used to eat a whole milk chocolate Lindor Truffles pack before the super bowls, it worked everytime, I haven’t been able to eat them for the last 2 because I got lactose intolerant in that time. I haven’t been able to find dark chocolate ones.

If someone could carry on my tradition if that happens this year it would be awesome!

I honestly think he is going to have to take one for the team on this one. It’s not his fault they lost to the 49er’s this year. Clearly, it is this guys fault.

I go to Five Guys at Patriots Place before every home game. Also wear my Woodhead jersey. The only week I didn’t wear it, 49ers game, wore my Moss jersey. I’m sorry.

Dammit Trollin_Thunder. I knew someone was at fault for this game besides the crappy way the Patriots played in the first half. All your fault! Seuss80 informs us that we actually need an Angel watching over us against the Texans.

Back in 2001, during their first superbowl run, I would watch the games with my Dad and our cat, Angel. If Angel watched the game with us, we would win. We made god damn sure she was there for the superbowl. After decades of disappointment for my dad of being a fan of a terrible team, he finally got to watch his dream unfold infront of him: watching the pats win a superbowl with his son. Then it happened twice more. Those were good times.

Angel died last week. I’m not a superstitious person by any means, but I hope she’s here in spirit watching the game with us for the next few sundays.

Rest in peace Angel. I’m sure you were a good cat. More cat related superstitions brought to us this time by aandswong.

My family used to force my cat to sit on the couch and watch the game because we would win whenever she was there. She died in 2008 and we haven’t won a super bowl since.

Seriously though, cats rule the internet. Nicholas_Angel gives us the “if I told you, I would have to kill you”.

If I told you, it wouldn’t work.

Sorry I asked. Last one for now, this one from jracoit.

When I watch them in public. They lose. And we will never beat the Giants. Ever. They just have our number.

Well thank god they aren’t in the playoffs this year, huh?

If you want to read more of them, here is the link to the thread again. Check back in with it as I’m sure more and more people will share their superstitions over the next few days.